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Our Team

Meet the people behind NBTC'17.

Berlin Chen

Berlin is a 3rd year Management student at the University of Toronto with a focus in Marketing and Strategy. He is passionate about product design, sales, and really cool startups. As an aspiring entrepreneur, he is all about the big vision and hustling to get the job done - which is why he’s joined NBTC’ 17 as a Director of Business Development. In the past year, he had competed in UofTHacks, Cisco’s [D]Congestiant Hackathon and Nspire’s 2016 Hack the 6ix and had also raised sponsorship for a Rotman-affiliated student group. When he’s not raising funds for NBTC, you can find him either running or biking around the city, meeting up with local talent or discovering new coffee shops. He’d love to learn more about Growth, Tech and Business so reach out!

Brandon How

Brandon is a 2nd year Management Engineering student at the University of Waterloo who’s interested about how modern-day technology impacts our everyday lives and how it can be integrated to maximize efficiency. As part of the Nspire team this year, Brandon is excited to meet some of Canada’s brightest students in the business and technology space and help inspire them through NBTC to go out and solve similar complex problems in the future. Brandon’s fascination with the power of code has led to him to learn more about programming and he is slowly developing fundamental coding skills. He also has a crazed obsession over aviation and is working towards his Private Pilot License in his spare time, amongst working on initiatives within the Waterloo Engineering Society and appreciating the genius known as Norm Kelly.

Bukhtar Khan

Bukhtar is a Finance student at the DeGroote School of Business. He is excited about the future and takes pride in making it arrive faster through studying (and executing) the latest and greatest Growth Strategies. He first found his passion for entrepreneurship through start-ups in the GTA. After attending NBTC ‘16, he was able to meet the brightest minds in the Business and Technology space which propelled him to think outside the box. He is taking the next upcoming school year off to discover where his true passions are through various internships. He is in charge of Growth at CareerJSM, a venture backed company and also completed an internship at Manulife Asset Management. On his downtime, Bukhtar takes interest in playing/watching Basketball, travelling and binge watching hours and hours of Netflix.

Arrchana Pradeepan

Arrchana is a 2nd year Biomedical Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. As someone who was benched from playing soccer due to an injury, she is passionate about rehabilitation engineering and assistive devices. Arrchana’s long-term goal is to disrupt the crossroads of engineering and medicine with her own novel tech solutions. As the Director of Competitions for the Entrepreneurship Challenge & E-commerce, she hopes to exercise her problem solving skills, and meet some of the greatest minds. When Arrchana isn’t trying to gain technical experience, she enjoys building her Spotify playlist, indulging in desserts, and singing behind closed doors for obvious reasons. Arrchana always has an ear for learning more about anything tech or healthcare, so feel free to shoot her a message if you’d like to chat!

Chidimma Moraldo

Chidimma is a third year Digital Enterprise Management student at the University of Toronto Mississauga. She is always ready to be creative, out of her element, and to take on new challenges. Last year she was a Content Writer and Strategist for Nspire’s online publication Nteractions, and is excited to take on a new challenge and apply her creativity to NBTC ‘17 this year. She is passionate about environmental sustainability, innovative technologies, and love. When Chidimma isn't Nspiring she is the Social and CSR Director for her academic society the ICCIT Council, attempting to make cool things she finds on Pinterest (so basically she just pins them to her boards and saves them for an indefinite amount of time), or awkwardly dancing to music or the sounds of her soul.

David Wang

David is a third year Engineering Science student at the University of Toronto. This engineering mathematics, statistics and finance major is characterized by his fierce determination in continually improving himself and his impact on his peers. David is passionate about strategizing creative and innovative solutions to problems and strengthening his knowledge of the bus-tech space. When he isn’t being shoved around on the subway, you can find David sipping on basic Starbucks drinks and snapping pics of his meals. On his off days, he enjoys curling up with a good book, breaking a sweat playing squash, cruising around on his Penny board and watching hockey (Go Habs!).

Menina Casalino

Menina is a third year Mechanical Engineering student at the Lassonde School of Engineering. She is extremely passionate about the impact that technology and digital transformation are having on businesses, and what leaders are doing to take advantage of new emerging technologies.  As a new addition to the Nspire team, Menina is looking forward to bringing a fresh perspective to NBTC ‘17. In her spare time, Menina enjoys watching documentaries, finding the best fitness classes around the city and traveling. If you ever want to talk biztech, Nspire or thrilling crime documentaries, feel free to shoot Menina a message!

Robin Jacob

Robin is a second year student studying at the University of Toronto pursuing his Bachelor of Science degree. His passion for healthcare and desire to study medicine are what drew him to join the NBTC team as Director of Competitions in the Health Technology sector. Using skills he developed from various teams and experiences, Robin aims to combine his passions for health care, business and technology into the biggest and best competition to date! Robin reaches far beyond his anatomy books as he carries a variety of interests such as sports and public speaking. When not studying, Robin can be found enjoying time with his friends, playing instruments, reading and pursuing his love for photography. Friends of Robin say that he is as an extremely outgoing person who loves to meet new people—So don’t be shy! Say hi!

Sara Raza

Sara is a 2nd year History student at Western University. She is passionate about poetry, getting involved in the local community, and entrepreneurship. Sara is an ideas person and loves to get creative and innovative. As a result, she co-founded FuturFund, an organization dedicated to promoting finlit to high school students. This is Sara’s first time on the Nspire team, and she’s excited to accomplish big things by bringing a fresh perspective. She also has a keen interest in finance and is spending her summer as a Research Analyst for the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships who are involved in the infrastructure finance space. When Sara’s not at work, you can catch her hanging out with friends, watching television, reading the news, or doing something outdoorsy. Shoot her message if you wanna talk about anything (literally anything!) - Nspire and fintech, Western, finlit, poetry, or Islam!

Jerry Wilson

Jerry is a 2nd year Management Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. He strives to better himself using every opportunity that comes his way. He loves solving puzzles and always strives to come up with a unique solution. Jerry aspires to bring the concepts of Management and Engineering together (as his program suggests) and improve the efficiency of systems. Jerry is an avid reader, reading anything from classics to ingredients on a bottle. Oh and food! Found a place that serves awesome food? Jerry’s the man to go along with!